Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Take A Walk

Since we are leaving in the morning for WV, and I will be gone through Sunday morning, I actually had nothing to prepare for today except my 1 Corinthians class tonight. I considered going hunting since it's the opening day for IL bow season, but decided I didn't want to get up early the day before we were getting up early for the trip. Nevertheless, I drove up to our hunting spot, put a tree stand up for next week's hunt, and did a little scouting for deer sign. It's amazing how different the whole property looks from last January. The undergrowth is thick, the trees are full of leaves, and the bugs are swarming like July. Still, there is something very therapeutic about just walking through the woods. It's quiet, except for the birds chirping and the squirrels scurrying around, and the wild flowers just seem to pop with color. I sometimes wish I knew what kind of flower each one was, but then I realize that it wouldn't change their beauty or the way they bless me. When I walk through the woods I can't think of any of the things that seem to dominate my brain 24/7. I have to be alert, see everything, and absorb the untouched wonder of God's creation. Now, sitting still in a tree stand is a great place to think through problems, get ideas, talk to God, and even take notes in my journal. But not when I'm walking. I enjoy seeing the spider webs, spotting the game trails, and looking for any signs of travel, bedding, or feeding. It helps to have a slight coolness in the air too. I can't wait to see the fall colors this year. There certainly hasn't been any drought to hurt it, like there has been in the last three falls.

It will be next week before I can add to my blog page. By the time we get back, the cake Donna will make for the wedding of our niece will be eaten, I will have pronounce Megan and Zack "husband and wife", and we will have spent eleven hours in the van each way. I'll be ready for some serious quiet time in the woods, but I will be hunting not walking.

If you get a chance, take a walk in the woods. See if it doesn't do wonders for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. I enjoyed the wedding pictures and your description of the wedding. I also enjoyed seeing the picture of the thistle. They are such a beautiful wild flower. I like them so much, Dean brings them in from the farm and they make a beautiful arrangement for the table. This is a dangerous thing because they are so prickly they are hard to handle. He gathers them off the farm and burns them; they aren't good for farmland. Glenave