Friday, October 17, 2008

From TN to MO to IL Doe!

These are the days you live for as a bowhunter. All the pre-season scouting, sweating in Summer as you put stands up, and spending hours practicing with your bow so that you will be ready to make the important shot when it's time. Last night, my son-in-law Chad killed his first whitetail deer. It was a nice big healthy doe, which is the only kind of hunting tag he had, but it's the culmination of seven years of trying to get a deer with a bow. Of course, it must be understood that he hasn't be able to hunt many times each of those seven years, but he has tried and has had shots and missed. This time though, it all came together and I couldn't have been happier even if it had been me making the shot. He did a great job field dressing it by himself, and then we had a long drag out of the corn fields because we had to circle the field so we wouldn't wipe out a couple rows of corn. Congratulations Chad! There will be some wonderful back-strap at the Milom house in couple weeks. May this be the first of many successes in the hunting woods.
This is the scene from the stand I was in last night. It's actually Danny Youngers stand, but we share when the other one isn't there. This picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful it was. This is looking down hill, towards the valley road and you can see the other side where the valley goes up again. The trees are just starting to change colors and the temperature was about as shirt-sleeve comfortable as it can get. Chad was in my stand off to the left, in the upper corner of the field, and his deer dropped about thirty yards to the left of this picture, just ten field from the upper edge of the field. I heard her fall. It was a wonderful late afternoon and evening to be in the woods, or over a corn field. I'm thankful for Chad's success and thankful that I got to be part of it. Let's see...who's next? Jonathan, Pat...or will it be a grandson or grand-daughter?

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