Thursday, October 30, 2008

And Now Presenting...

I presented the next Bible Action musical at our Homecoming two weeks ago because we had a lot of visitors and I wanted them to make plans to come back for the play. So here it is! I actually decided on the subject and title long before I found out that the new Transformers movie is coming out in the Summer of '09. Oops - what a fortuitous coincidence - or providence? Our June 4-7 musical will begin with the martyrdom of Steven, which introduced the coat-carrier Saul and will take the story through his conversion and his beginning life as an apostle. I have seventeen pieces of music already picked out and all the lyrics that need to be rewritten are already rewritten. I started in July, in my spare thinking time, to collect ideas for music. The list was long, but I finalized the 17 by the end of September and I've been listening to them over and over throughout October. Folks are surprised at how early I start on this, but you need to remember that 1) it's a fun hobby done in my spare time, of which there isn't just tons of, and 2) there are loads of things that have to be figured out LONG before I start writing the script. November starts day after tomorrow and I need to write the script in December. That leaves early January for rewrites and changes, it's introduced to all interested parties the last Sunday in January, casting is mid February, and the first read-through with the cast is the third Sunday in February. Rehearsals begin March 4th. I'm not early, just avoiding a crunch later on. Plus, I want it to be good, fun, and true to our desire to glorify God by telling a story from His Word. I can't wait to share the music with everyone! We have a few more praise songs, since it's a New Testament story, and some great Broadway and R&R songs with lyrics apropos to the story.

Mark you calenders and plan to be with us for one or more nights of the play. Watch Saul become Transformed into the great apostle Paul - do-da-do-da!


Deborah said...

Ken just wrote an incredible new song called "More Than Conquerors". It is that verse word for word. I couldn't help but think about your play when we were learning it, knowing who originally said those words.

carol said...

"More than meets the eye"

You're going to have fun with this one!