Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Pack at the Park

We just finished a fun and exciting weekend that was full of family, friends, and food - all things we focus on a lot. At church, it was our Fiftieth Anniversary Homecoming, so we had events on both Saturday and Sunday, and it was a wonderful time of being grateful to God for what He has done in this place for five decades. But we also had Chad, Elizabeth, Carter, Ashlyn, and Curtis with us over the weekend too. They came up early (see previous blog) and stayed until Sunday afternoon before making the trek back to Music City. Saturday morning we all spent some fun time at the park, just up the road from our house. It was a gorgeous Fall morning and the kids, as you can see, just went from one climb to another. Ashlyn loved the climbing wall on the slide.
Carter loved the tree with so many branches that it wasn't hard to feel like Tarzan. He was pretty proud of his ability to climb "way up!"

This cute little guy was intrigued by the nuts and leaves that covered the ground. He was loving just pushing an old hickory nut around the padded play area. Don't you love that smile?

And of course, Nana, the ultimate kid-friendly grandma, got into a leaf tossing game with Carter and Ashlyn. It's amazing how the simple things mean so much to kids and are so easy to do. We are thankful for the wonderful visit with family and we can't wait to have everyone here for Thanksgiving - well almost everyone. Another Turkey Day without Jonathan and Holly, but, Lord willing, we will get to see them the first week of December down in Searcy.


Deborah said...

Great pictures. I especially love that one of Curtis. His little toothy smile just cracks me up.

DR said...

Oh, what fun! I love your narrative of our weekend too. I'm so wordy, if I had written it, the blog would have been three times as long. :) Love you!