Saturday, October 25, 2008

Real Men Do Cry

After writing my last blog I got to thinking about things that nearly always make me teary eyed. The list could be really long, but there are a few general themes that I can easily detect. What would be on your list?
Some things that nearly always makes me teary eyed are...
1. Seeing unapologetic but humble passion for God.
2. Amazing Grace being played on a bagpipe.
3. The closing scenes of Saving Private Ryan - "Did I earn it?"
4. Hearing or reading how much some one in my family loves God.
5. The Shack (I can't wait to skip stones with Jesus.)
6. Singing Faithful Love and remembering my grandson singing it at Pepperdine.
7. Military funerals with Taps playing in the background.
8. Loyalty from friends.
9. Hearing my grandchildren pray.
10. A ten-point buck just out of bow range.

* Getting to say "Happy Birthday" to the love of my life one more time!


Donna said...

Thank you so much. Great day so far. I bought myself some new earrings. Surprise!! :) And I had to laugh at #10.

Deborah said...

Number Six (The one about "Faithful Love") made me teary-eyed, and that doesn't happen very often! Just when I think I can't stand the boy one more minute, you go and remind me of that sweet time...

...I guess I'll keep him.

elizabeth said...

Great list, Dad. Thanks for sharing. (I may have to steal this idea for my blog one day.)