Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Magic House

"I've been framed!"
"And that's the way it was."
It's been great having Deborah, Joshua, and Caleb with us this week. It's always good to see family and spend time visiting all the St. Louis sights, and doing what we do best- eating. Yesterday, Nana took them to the Magic House. It's a wonderful hands-on experience that all our grand kids truly enjoy. I've only been there once and I was amazed at all the cool stuff there was to see and to interact with.
I'm glad they got to spend some time with us while Pat was out of the country on a mission effort. We are so proud of the wonderful way Pat and Deborah, and Elizabeth and Chad are raising our grand children. They are really super parents and I especially love the fact that God and Jesus are always part of their family activities. I can tell that my ability to relate to small children has gotten pretty rusty over the years, but you know what? I enjoy just watching them rip and run through the house and having so much energy and so much fun. I get tired just watching them. Today I was the delivery boy and brought MacDonald's to the park where Donna, Deborah and the boys were. We had a picnic and enjoyed lunch under a nice shade tree. I think the amount of time they actually stayed seated could be counted in seconds. The play ground was calling and there were places to run to - so lunch was wolfed down pretty quickly.
Every night when we ask God to take care of our loved ones, we also ask Him to let us be together soon. I suspect we'll be praying that prayer for a long time to come.


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Deborah said...

Thanks for this sweet post! We enjoyed our time immensely, and I'm already missing being waited on by Nana!! And, can you believe that nobody sets out my coffee cup in the morning? I'm really going to have to start working now.