Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Fish Story?

Several have asked me about our short fishing trip while in Alaska and I shared the fact that my brother-in-law Kevin caught a huge King Salmon. Of the five fisherman, only two caught fish, and Kevin's was clearly the largest. In fact, never even got to touch a fishing pole. But you know what? I was very happy for Kevin and it really didn't matter that all I was was a cheerleader. It was important and special to him and I'm truly thrilled that I got to share it with him.
Back in 1986, on our first bowhunting trip to Meeker, CO., we were all a bunch of newbies at the whole western game hunting thing. On the third full day of hunting, I dropped a huge mule deer buck with a 42 yard shot through the heart. There are a lot of memories that float around my brain about the trip, but right up there at the top is the excitement that Kevin showed over my success. He was ecstatic and doing more back-slapping than everyone else in the group put together. He was truly happy for me, and that made it a lot more special (because not everyone was that happy about it - but that's another story). He's always been a great encourager to have along on any hunting trip - or fishing trip.
So see! I wasn't' just telling another "fish story" and it really was huge! Congrats Kev!
We'll be at a retreat for the next few days in TN, and then at a family reunion in Arkansas, and plan to return home Saturday evening. There probably won't be much on this blog in the mean time.
God bless - and have I mentioned that you need to real The Shack?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bro.
You've always been the "Big Bother" I never had. Love ya man.