Monday, July 28, 2008

The Curtis Reunion

It's good to be back home after being out for a week. The retreat we attended was awesome. Good friends, great lessons & singing, and just a great time to renew our excitement about living for God. Then we went to the Curtis family reunion in Searcy. It was a short-quick trip, arriving on Friday afternoon and leaving for St. Louis on Saturday afternoon after the reunion. It was wonderful to see all the family. We had a huge dinner at Donna's folks house on Friday and got to spend some time visiting with family. On Saturday, we had the official Curtis family reunion in the fellowship hall of the College Church of Christ. The picture above is us with Donna's Dad and Mom. Dean was look much better, but still has some cancer treatments ahead. Please join us by keeping them in your prayers.
Just in case you've wondered what the rest of Donna's immediate family looked like, here they are. Donna is the oldest (but still young) sister, and then next to her is Kathy, Carol, and in the back is Randy. One of my life's greatest blessings has been to be part of the Curtis family. I love them all and cherish the wonderful memories God had given us through the years.
Those of you who know what a hunting fanatic I am may wonder how it all got started. Not when I was a little kid - growing up int Washington, D.C., obviously, but when I started going rabbit hunting with Dean, back when I began dating Donna. Those were some great times that I will always treasure. May He give us many more reunions, but if not, we know there will be one that all of us will attend.


elizabeth said...

We loved seeing you this weekend...even if for just a day!

Rachel said...

It was so good seeing you this weekend--it had definitely been too long! I'm glad Casey now sees that you really do exist. :)

Kathy said...

Loved the short time we got to visit with you all. Sorry it had to be so short. We had the extra blessing of have spent some wonderful days on a cruise ship with you and we are so very thankful for that time together. Love you both so very much!