Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's On Your Platter?

When the daughter of Herodias danced for the drunken Herod and he was so taken with her performance that he promised "to give her whatever she asked," with one writer adding up to half his kingdom, she ran to her mother for advice. Talk about the potential for a beautiful story? Wow! Just think of what she could have asked for and received! Just think of the riches, the land, the power, the notoriety, or even all the good she could have done. But because of Herodias's hatred for John the Baptist and the bitterness her guilt generated in her heart, she "prompted" her daughter to ask for the head of John on a platter. Because of a serious lack of backbone and an inability to withstand peer pressure, Herod gave her what she asked for.
Yes, this is a terrible story about how ungodly Herod's family was, but it's also a very convicting story about poor choices, misplaced priorities, wasted opportunities, and how Satan gains control of our hearts. I can't help but wonder how many wrong choices I've made through the years and how many opportunities I've blown? I don't think I've cause anyone to lose their head, or even worse, their faith, but I have caused a few to lose their tempers or their high opinion of me - just to name a few. We all make bad choices at times, but hopefully we learn and grow and praise God for His forgiving grace.
I guess I just can't help but think about how often "half a kingdom" has been lost or traded for cheap revenge or immediate satisfaction or instant greed or elevated ego. Some times the dance of anger and bitterness causes people to lose their own head and makes them trade the riches of a loving Father for the one evening of silver platter satisfaction.
Father, give us the strength we need to trust in you and follow your guidance. Thank you for forgiving our sins and giving us a whole kingdom.

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