Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Almost a Show!

We are getting down to the last three weeks of rehearsals for our play. As you can see, the set is under construction - actually it just needs painting and curtains. This is the court of the King and Queen of Nineveh when Jonah returns from being in the belly of the big fish. They are singing "Hello Jonah", which is my version of "Hello Dolly" and is really going to be cute. All the songs are really sounding great. I believe this is the best collection of songs I've ever put together in a musical.
This is a rehearsal after the rehearsal with the ladies who are doing most of the choreography for "Hello Jonah". Donna is the Queen and the others are attendants. The guys can't handle the movements, so I've called on our "real" dancers - I mean choreographers - oops.

This is grandpa and his granddaughter, Mary, fishing on our dock. They are the narrators of the story and allow us to skip things, as they fill in the blanks for the story. Our master builders, Ken Fester and Ron Ebker built the dock and it's really awesome. I'm not sure if the string lights will stay or not. I like the rustic look of the dock w/o it looking like a Vegas show. So, anyway, it's coming along wonderfully. I can't wait to see our audiences enjoy it - and they will. Everyone is doing a beautiful job. The best part is that we are staying true to our purpose: have fun, do our best, and glorify God. That'll preach!


elizabeth said...

Can't wait!

Scott & Ashley said...

Looking forward to it!!

Deborah said...

Caleb and I were talking about "Papa's play" tonight and that it is very soon. He said, "OOOOH, Mommy, I'll bet Papa is going to be the whale!" I hope you don't take offense to that--to him, the whale is the best part of the whole story! He just thinks you're larger than life! :)