Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Movie Magic

In the midst of all our usual church family activities, and with only four weeks of play rehearsals, set construction, costume making, play advertising, etc, etc, left - and with me frantically trying to get our basement construction all finished - somehow (over that last couple of weeks) we managed to watch all five past Harry Potter movies. Getting to see them all so close together really helped me understand things much better and really helped me remember names - which is a constant problem for me when watching long movies (with a short memory). I really enjoyed each of them and I'm glad we own them. I was reminded how important and central the whole "right vs. wrong" thing or "good vs. evil" thing is in every huge movie. Isn't it interesting that in everything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, just to name a few obvious ones, the them is "good will triumph over evil" every time. We cheer for the "good guys" and we "boo" the "evil guys" or the "force of darkness".
Everyone wants to believe in values, but for some reason, they don't want to believe they come from God. It's easier and maybe more entertaining (and unbelievable) to have "the Force" or the "good wizards" or the "Brotherhood of the Ring". It seems to me that these movies are all showing us how the seed of goodness, service, sacrifice, and - dare I say it - God, are innately part of our DNA. That may help us understand why Paul said that those without the Law, the Gentiles, in Romans 1, had no excuse for not seeing Him.

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