Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Movie and A Play

This has been a week for entertainment. On Monday, due to my son's high recommendation on his blog, we went to see Iron Man. It's the first time we've been to a movie in a long time and, it was worth seeing. It's a real visual treat with lots of action and lots of explanation as to how he became Iron Man. It definitely keeps your attention. It's not for young ones, of course, too much violence and action, but one that I will be adding to my DVD collection to watch on a slow Friday night when I'm home alone - and wishing I had one of those suits.
Then Tuesday night we went to see Jersey Boys. Wow - what awesome music. It was like going to Mama Mia and hearing the music and saying, "I didn't know they did that song!" Great trip down memory lane and the much older audience reinforced that idea. The language is truly crude - Jersey, I guess, but personally it would have been more enjoyable for me if they had left it out. Still, it's a very entertaining look at the life of the group leader, Frankie Valli (I think that's how it's spelled - there's a line in the play about not having a "Y" at the end of a name if you're Italian). All I could think of all through the show about his life was how sad it is that so many successful celebrities know so little about how to build successful relationships - especially with their own families. I suspect there's an ego problem behind most of the failures. Anyway, it's worth seeing if you can put up with the language that everyone else seems to laugh at. You don't have to be a prude to not enjoy crude. I do love a good musical and this is one.

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Deborah said...

Pat and I are going to have a "movie night" tonight. We so rarely do this, so it seems like a treat to actually sit down and watch a movie together. We rented "The Great Debators". Hope it's good!