Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Friends

Anyone who has been around me very much has heard me say on multiply occasions, "Life is all about who you love and who loves you back." When you understand that this must include God, you soon realize that all the rest is "filler" - stuff you do to support, built, and cherish those relationships. We where blessed this past weekend to have some good friends visit with us. Johnnie and Jan Vaught go back to our early days in Fairfax, VA when our kids where little and their kids were some of our baby sitters. We have some wonderful memories of church work, family fellowships, Neil Diamond concerts, political discussions, and some great Thanksgiving holidays spent together. We even chased after them and spent a couple Thanksgivings with them when Johnnie got transferred by the Air Force to Providence, Rhode Island, and then to Loring Air Force Base in Northern Maine. Great family memories. It was great to spent several hours just visiting, getting up dates on family members, and taking that trip down Memory Lane (not to mention enjoying an incredible Chocolate Candy Cake Donna made). We are thankful for their friendship through the years and very thankful to see them enjoying a health and active retirement. We were one of many stops they were making on their way to see family in Texas and I think we got them to add St. Louis attractions to their "Bucket List". Good friends are just another blessing from a good God.

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Anonymous said...

Back atcha' bro'! Thanks again for a lovely visit. It's been too long for sure. Thanks also for being a first-class couple with first-class kids and grandkids. You both married well! Love, J & JV