Friday, May 30, 2008

One Week To Go!

One week away from our first official performance of Jonah and the Pirates of the Mediterranean! It's really looking great. We have less a sense of panic this year than ever before and I think it's because of the experience we have now and because it's a little easier play than last years. The songs are some of the best and most fun songs we've ever had too. The above picture is the pirates singing their opening song A Pirates Life from Peter Pan. We were missing a few folks who had to be at a Christian Academy dinner and some to a Harding Night at the Cards game. Still, it was an excellent rehearsal and I'm excited about seeing it presented next week. We even did a full run of the whale last night so it's ready to go.
We've started a partial dress rehearsal because of the need to get use to the short change time between scenes. Thus the above picture shows some of the costumes with a mixture of street clothes and shoes. This doesn't do justice to how neat the court of the King and Queen of Nineveh really looks. The next pictures I show should be of the real performance. Hope you can come and see it!


Scott & Ashley said...

We're very excited about seeing it, I'm sure it will be wonderful. Now I'm just hoping the kids are both calm and sit through the whole thing :)

Deborah said...

We're so excited. I told the boys we were going to come Thursday and Friday and Caleb said, "Yes!! Two times!"