Friday, May 02, 2008

Petal Power

Within days of taking this picture of our only azalea bush, they were gone. Their beauty blessed us, and anyone who walked by, for just a few days. I actually found it sad when I first saw all the petals on the ground, but then I decided to give thanks for how much I enjoyed them regardless of the short period of blooming. Boy, talk about a load of life lessons? Everything in God's creation is temporary, but just think about how hard it is to focus on the now? Enjoy the now - the blooming time - and not lessen it or cheapen it by thinking about dead petals on the ground! The value of our life is not found in the number of days we get but in the number of days we truly live. The only way we can enjoy the moment we have is to be thankful for the moment we have. Feel blessed! Feel fortunate! Feel loved - by people God put in our life and by Him - even if those people have to leave us - or disappoint us - or forget us. He doesn't. He made that azalea bush and He made you. Bloom - give - dazzle - enjoy! Yes - you could always have had more time, but then - you could have had less. Thank God for every moment you get to bloom for Him. You can't possibly feel cheated if you believe you'll get to bloom for Him for eternity. Wow! What a garden that will be!

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maryann said...

I loved this analogy!!!!!!! Spring time is sooooo good at reminding us to slow down and appreciate the beauty of God all around---and in every person and situation. Thank you, Mike!