Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Myth Goodness

It's hard to believe that my last post was my 15oth blog posting. That could have been another book if I'd planned it better. I also can't believe that my last blog was already last Friday! Wow - were does the time go. I was hoping, after spending all day out hunting, and mostly freezing, on Monday, that I'd have a story and picture to share, but - well, there's always a story - mostly only other hunters would appreciate - but there's no venison for the freezer yet, and that is the ultimate goal. Anyway - this is a busy and hectic week. We are running down to Nashville for a quick two day trip to see family, so a lot of stuff HAS to get finished today (i.e. sermons, classes, bulletin outlines & articles, etc.). We plan to leave TN early Saturday and return to Florissant by lunch-time because Donna has her Children's Musical rehearsal that afternoon and I'm hoping to get in a short afternoon hunt (the season is rapidly coming to an end). Obviously, there won't be any additional blogs this week, so save a click until next week. Just in case you're wondering, I do try to blog about three times a week, but it's hard at times to do that - like this week. So with that explanation and longer-than-necessary-introduction, here's some of my notes from last Sunday's Myth American Contest Series.
Myth Goodness
Introduction: I used the final scene from "Saving Private Ryan" where 50 years after the war, Ryan is in France at the grave of Capt. John Miller, one of several men who died to try and get him home to his mother. Miller's dying words were"Earn this" and now Ryan asks his wife if he has. She tells him he's a good man. So just what is a good person? In Romans 5:7-8, Jesus died for us because we were "no good" to make us good. The world's definition of good is not God's. We talk about people being "basically good" or "mostly good" but good is good - not basically, partly, almost, or sometimes. God's creation was good - not basically good. God is good - not sometimes good, but all the time good - period!
The problem is that there are multiple definitions and uses for good. I shared all thirteen dictionary definitions of good and they don't even include slang. And "goodness is the state or quality of being good" - so what in the world is it? Which definition are you using.
1. In the world, goodness is a relative term.
A. Like labels - it all depends on the starting point! Are you a good person? Church people are always good people -right? Good compared to crooks & perverts? Compared to other Christians? What about compared to Jesus?
B. We have a vision problem? 2 Cor.4:4 blinded by the god of this world.
C. We have a sin problem? Eph.5:1-10 lost our focus on Jesus
2. In the Lord, goodness is an absolute term!
A. Only One is good (i.e. Best) Matthew 19:16-26
B. Our job is to choose good (i.e. the better) Luke 10:38-42
C. Only then can we be called "good" by God. Matt.25:14-30
Conclusion: Real goodness is being real about seeking Jesus! Staying close to the One who is good! Sign at convenience store at Halloween "Remove your mask before you enter!" Need to know if it's a real costume or a robber! Are we real seekers or robbers stealing the appearance of goodness?

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Deborah said...

You know, there's probably a young preacher out there who is really appreciating your giving him his sermon outlines these last few weeks! If that's the case, he knew where to get good material.

Looking forward to our time together.