Friday, December 21, 2007

Top Ten Disney Observations

One morning last week, while we were at Disney World, I woke up at 5:30 and found myself sitting in the foyer of our resort drinking coffee and writing in my journal. I worked on a sermon some and did a little work on our Be Real adult Bible classes that start in January, and then I jotted down a few observations about Disney World. I hesitate to call them Top Ten anything, but I like consistency, so I'm just calling them my Top Ten Observations about Disney World (that day).
1. I love their incredible attention to detail. They are masters of the BIG, but what gives them class is all the little touches that they put into everything.
2. Every employee - they call cast members - is happy, positive, personable, helpful, and attentive. Impressive.
3. Everything is clean, neat, and in it's place - heaven for us borderline OCD-types.
4. It's a wonderful place for an adult vacation, even though it's usually thought of as being for kids. If you're an empty nester - try it!
5. It's a very physical vacation. It takes a lot of walking to see everything and do it all. I did see lots of wheelchairs and motorized chairs. If you can't do a lot of walking, you must have something like that.
6. It's not a place for people or families who are stressed, impatient, or who have children we politely call "strong willed". The crowds, the wear & tear, and the waiting are hard on the competitive, the confrontational, and the non-compliant - regardless of their age. But it's really not a place for small children who'd just as soon ride the children's train at your mall.
7. It's top rate, first class entertainment. Every show is big, beautiful and Broadway quality. (i.e. The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, and the Lights, Camera, Action Car/Stunt Show is unbelievable - yes, even the High School Musical show at MGM was fun)
8. The Expedition Everest ride is incredible. A guy died of heart attack on it the day after we left. Been there - done that - never again! And the new "Soaring" ride is worth the price of the whole trip and the long wait!
9. The organization and coordination of transportation from airport to resort to whatever park and back is impressive - not to mention convenient.
10. For us, we know its a great place because of all the times we found ourselves saying, "Wouldn't the kids and grand kids love this!" So yes, it's a great adult vacation, but even better when you can share it with loved ones. This time it was special friends. Next time - who knows - maybe the whole family!


Marilyn said...

Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas!

Curtt & Inez said...

To limit it to only 10 observations is a feat in itself. But, oh so true on the 10 you picked!

Kathy Rose said...

Those top 10 are just that. What a wonderful observation. One of our "Disney touring partners" said that "it must be a lot like heaven-people from all nations laughing and smiling and being kind to each other".