Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

There were actually other people at the dinner table when I took this picture, but it looks like Donna sat down to a huge dinner of crown pork roast and all the fixings by herself. She did her usual awesome job and we did our usual awesome job of eating too much. Mmmm!
After dinner and before the gifts, we had the traditional family pictures. Here are all the grand children. Ashlyn, Caleb, Curtis, Joshua, and Carter. Only Curtis wasn't very excited about the whole deal!

And then - the handing out of all the gifts. There really was carpet under all that! The kids handed them out, but Nana had to help them read the tags and tell them who to take them to. It actually took awhile.

Here is Curtis and one of his gifts from Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Holly. I think he's saying, "We missed you!" Another wonderful year and another reason to praise God for His ultimate gift of Jesus.

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