Monday, December 10, 2007

Da Play! Da Play!

This is the best cast picture I could get. There was a swarm of parents and grandparents squeezing into the narrow aisle to get the same picture. The kids were awesome and the play was truly cute! I was extremely proud of them and of Donna for deciding to do it, plan it, work so hard at it, and pull it off beautifully. I think she has started a new Florissant tradition of having a Children's Christmas Musical every year.

Watching these little pre-schoolers get up there and perform was very touching. Of course, some were more hams than others, but all were sweet.

At the risk of sounding non-PC, it sure seems that little girls are a lot more comfortable on stage than little boys. I don't even want to speculate why.

Here is the amazing Children's minister and director of the play talking to the audience at the end. They are all "hearing unimpaired" but that doesn't keep Donna from talking with her hands. Have I said how awesome she is?

This is our "Mini-Supremes" doing a number in the play. I could hear the buttons popping off parents and grandparents all over the auditorium.
Congratulations to all the kids and adult helpers who worked hard to make it a great experience for the performers and the audience. As wonderful as it was, I know Donna is glad to have it behind her. Now she can focus on our thirty-fifth anniversary trip to Disney World this Wednesday.
We had a wonderful but quick trip down to Nashville to see all the family. I was great to see Jonathan and Holly, even if it was just a couple days. Click on Deborah's name on the side-bar and see our new family pictures on her blog. I don't have them transferred over to my computer yet. We just had them taken last Thursday. Thank you Father for letting us be together for a while.


Melanie said...

Gotta love the supremes!

Scott & Ashley said...

Wish we could have seen the play! I'm sure it was TOO CUTE! Hope you and Donna have a great time on your anniversary trip. And the family pictures are GREAT. God Bless!

Richard said...

Thanks to Donna for letting our family take part in the musical. We enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one!!