Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back From Florida

We arrived back from our five day Disney adventure yesterday afternoon. I was worn out - Donna wanted another five days. What can I say! It's her favorite place, so I think I hit a home run by giving her this trip for our thirty-fifth anniversary. I had originally intended for it to be a last minute surprise, but with the children's musical, a new grand-baby due, and a dozen other things all merging at around the same time, I decided to spring it on her for her birthday back in October (see blog from then). I didn't mind doing that because the best part of the surprise was hearing her scream when we walked off the plane in Orlando and we were met by Don & Kathy Rose, two of our best friends and travel buddies from TN. Donna was so surprised that she thought for a second that we'd landed in Nashville. But - there was more to come!
I put this in here mostly so you could see the new Expedition Everest in the background. We'd just ridden it minutes earlier - I'm not really that white! I'm glad I did it, but don't be looking for a repeat. These pics are just a small sample of what we have. I took about 80 pictures and Donna has about 400 on here camera. Even after cutting out the bad and the blurry, it's still a mess of pictures.

(Everyone but Eric and Diana Crawford, who were there but not with us when this was taken.)
On Thursday evening we rushed to a dinner reservation in the Mexico pavilion. As Donna turned the corner in the restaurant, she found a table with 14 more good friends waiting for her. To say she was surprised is an understatement. These are all wonderful friends who we were in a small group with for about six and a half years in TN. We love them all dearly. We've shared a lot together and done the very things God put His church here to do - love another. When I asked them to consider this - back in January - they all jumped at the opportunity for us all to be together. Thanks guys. I can't say how much it meant to both of us - Donna especially, but I got to enjoy the love and commitment for 11 months. Thanks for helping to make it an unforgettable anniversary. Isn't God wonderful?


curt & inez stubblefield said...

Hi Youse Guys:

I don't know who was more excited, Donna or the two of us. It was an AMAZING 5 days! To see you and share the time together and as you said it above - "love one another".

Curt & Inez

elizabeth said...

Oh, what fun! I'm so glad you had a great time with friends you love so dearly.