Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Myth No-Truth

I recorded this lesson last Tuesday, before we left on Wednesday, so it could be presented on Sunday and we wouldn't mess up the schedule of "Myths" as we've advertised them. I still had almost no voice, because of the botox shot Nov.30th, but I didn't want to not deal with the topic when I said I would. Last weekend, while we were at DW, St. Louis got 7-9 inches of snow, so they only had about half the congregation here Sunday morning. Anyway, for those who have been trying to keep up with my lessons on the Myth America Contest, here are the main points of what I shared about Myth No-Truth.
Introduction: There's not enough room here to tell my joke I used, but I made the point that it's really hard to know the truth about others. It's hard to know the truth about yourself sometimes. I believe this is one of the reasons so many people believe that truth is relative, situational, in flux, or always changing - because people are always changing. People are un-true, therefore life is un-true. They reject absolutes and values. People know better, but they are trying to escape responsibility or guilt. "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." Three thoughts about why the world view is wrong.
1. Truth is situational! Wrong! The world is confusing absolutes with application! Because people differ about the application of a truth, doesn't mean the truth itself is wrong or relative.
A. That's why Paul warned us to "handle the word of truth" correctly.
B. Mk.10:42-45 Jesus taught on servant leadership, but in the very next chapter (11:12-18) He made a whip and cleared out the Temple. Is that a conflict of truth or and application of truth?
C. Eph.4:15 "speaking the truth in love" is very difficult. Requires different applications.
2. Truth is "in the eye of the beholder." Wrong! Truth is in the One we behold!
A. Rom.3:4 "Let God be true and every man a liar."
B. Truth is the gospel - the gospel is God's Word & will! Jn.17:17 Sanctifies; 8:32 sets free; 14:6 in Jesus; Phil.4:8 fills our minds.
C. Man conveniently changes the truth to fit himself. See Rom.1:18-25
D. A country w/o values has problems! It's hard to have values w/o recognizing the giver of values.
3. Truth is elusive - unknowable! Wrong! Truth is knowable - it's just uncomfortable and convicting!
A. Col.3:16 Read it - what's hard to know? Hard to do - is the problem!
B. Gal.1:6-10 Another gospel? Really? No, just pleasing men!
C. Gal.2:20, Know, sing, memorize - but real?
Conclusion: Here's the truth! God made you, loves you, wants a relationship with you. He made a way for the unholy to unite with the Holy - because of Jesus' sacrifice! If we seek Him, serve Him, and sense Him - we will BE REAL in our spiritual walk.

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