Friday, November 30, 2007

Top Ten Being Real Reasons

It's been a while since I did a Top Ten list, so I thought I'd do one that might possibly show up at the beginning of my lesson this next Sunday. We are studying and praying about Being Real in our desire to know Jesus and be like Him. So, this Top Ten is: You might Be Real about seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus if...

1. Your first "Good Morning" was to God!

2. You increased your church family giving rather cut back to help pay for Christmas gifts.

3. Throughout the day you keep reflecting on the passage of Scripture you read earlier.

4. You notice all kinds of things to be thankful for besides leaving work.

5. You don't mind the crowds at the Mall because it only reminds you of how God has blessed so many people (including giving you the time and money to go shopping).

6. You understand that loving one another is not an option - it's the reason we get together.

7. You know you can't have a relationship with God without talking to Him - so you do it often.

8. You're excited about the challenge to Be Real and not just "doing church."

9. You fasted and prayed to draw closer to God, not to be seen by others.

10. You're excited and looking forward to doing anything that will bring you closer to Jesus.

I actually wrote this the first time as Ten Reasons you might be Un-Real about seeking Jesus. I didn't like the negative points - even though they were somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Hope this finds you Being Real!


Deborah said...

I love this. What a great reminder for my day.

Curt said...

It is always good to read (hear) these again. The one is missed was the "stuck in traffic talk with God".