Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Myth Success

Part of last Sunday's lesson is actually in the previous blog. And since we will be out of town for the next three days, and I'm incredibly pushed for time as I try to get everything done today for the whole week - well - this will be a brief overview of last week's Myth America Contest - Myth Success.
In the story of the wealthy farmer, in Luke 12:15-21, Jesus is very clear about what worldly success is. This guy was all about possessions, abundance, bigger & better, security and easy living. Jesus said he was a fool! Death would own him that very night so what are all those things worth? His point was that we need to be rich toward God. That's godly success. So there's the conflict - worldly success vs. godly success - a problem for us all.
1. What is Worldly Success? (The list is long, but I picked out four.)
A. Impressing others = the "Wow Factor!"
B. Greed = "beware of all kinds of greed" like recognition, respect, power, winning, and just possessing things.
C. Temporary Toys = things that don't last or bring real quality or better relationships.
D. Ignoring the Ruby Slippers! Forgetting that we always have the ability to go home and refocus on the soul. Matt.16:26
2. What is Godly Success? Simply being rich towards God.
A. Honestly Seek Him - Heb.11:6; Phil.3:7-11
B. Lovingly Serve Him - serving is what those who love each other do!
C. Truly Sense Him - His presence is real. See all three in Acts 17:27-28
3. Which kind of success do we want as a church?
A. Are we about possessions, abundance, bigger & better, security, easy living?
B. Are we "Honest to God" in our desire to have a relationship with Him?
The rest of the lesson is roughly in the last blog. The shepherd's challenged the whole congregation to join then in a journey to find out what it means to BE REAL as individuals and as a church family.
Conclusion: In the hands of God!


Chad said...

It is so amazing that you can be speaking to me directly while I am hundreds of miles away. Please keep posting as your Church goes through the process of being REAL.

Kathy said...

Have we "played church" for so long that we don't know where to go for "real" or what "real" is?