Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Myth Happiness

One of the biggest challenges in preparing this series of lessons on Sunday about Myth America Contest, has been dealing with the huge overlap between the topics. The myths about success, things, and happiness (just to mention a few) are nearly the same. Our culture has bombarded us with the lie that life is all about self, feeling good, and doing whatever turns you on. It's hedonistic, animalistic, and - because we want to believe it - it's seems realistic! These lessons all overlap because they are all about fighting off the world view of life and accepting the godly view of life. So that having been said, here are the main points I made in last Sundays lesson on Myth Happiness
A. Nothing defines our true character like what makes us happy. What does it tell us about our character. Happiness is a huge subject, but the simplified definition I give it is Happiness is basically fulfilling a need!
B. Our character comes from controlling & defining our needs. What are needs and what are wants? We all have physical, emotional, psychological, & spiritual needs - God given, but each can be ignored, neglected, or abused. Control = balance; Define = priorities! We must keep our balance in each, and be guided by proper priorities.
C. The world says "If it makes you happy, do it!" The MYTH is Happiness is all about ME! The IRONY is that we KNOW it's a lie, but lack of character makes us "Buy the Lie!" We buy it with two lies of our own: First, it's not so bad to be a little out of balance, and second, it's not so bad to have flexible priorities! We don't have values, we have restrictions! Does Rev.3:15-17 make you squirm?
D. Young people have such a hard time because it's the time in life when they are determining balance & priorities. It's always when they "Buy the Lie," especially the "It's not so bad" lies.
E. The truth about happiness is it's not about ME! Happiness is seeking God's balance & priorities and finding real joy!
1. Godly joy is nothing like worldly happiness!
A. Compare what world says to each of the "blessings" Jesus discussed in Matt.5:3-10. I contrasted each one.
B. God's balance and priorities = blessed = joy!
2. Godly joy is nothing like worldly happiness because they produce two completely different results.
A. Gal.5:19-21 "...those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God"
B. vs.22-23 Aren't these what we really want and need?
C. vs.24-25 Clear balance & priorities: "crucified passions and desires" = balance; "live by the Spirit" = priorities
Conclusion: What makes you happy? Relationships teach us that happiness is a bi-product of making others happy. Giving! Happens in life's school w/ family, friends, marriage, parenting, church family, etc. - learn the joy of giving. Real faith is making God happy - even if no one knows about it! His balance & priorities are always blessed. Look at Psalms 1 again.

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