Saturday, November 03, 2007

Take That Satan!

We had the biggest Trunk or Treat night ever this past Wednesday. After talking to John (The Head Cook) Young, and heard about how many hog dogs, chili, and popcorn was eaten, I feel we easily had between eight hundred and a thousand people come through the facilities. It was so wonderful to see so many folks from our community coming by to enjoy our alternative to Halloween and to see them truly appreciate the things we did for them. I really like the idea of something like Halloween being taken away from any ownership of Satan and used as an opportunity to share, have fun, and let people see a church family in action. And of course, one of the best things about it was all the kids getting to meet Dorothy as they walked in to enjoy the games or get some food. Donna is THE BEST ever kids greeter. She's an awesome Nana to our special four (soon to be five), but she's really a universal Nana to every child. She loves to see kids smile and learn things about God. Hundreds of children learned many Bible stories from her as they enjoyed her toddlers class through the years.

This is a visiting family getting the Dorothy/Donna treatment. She handed out the glow necklaces to the kids and they really loved it. Most people didn't even know she's been sick with allergies and colds-yuck-stuff all week too. I am very proud of all the hard work so many of our folks did that night. Of course, I'm partial to Dorothy - after all, there really is "no place like home."


elizabeth said...

Aww, Mom, you're so cute! I know you blessed those kids beyond words! Dad, you are one blessed man to have such a cool wife! Of course, being her daughter doesn't make me partial or anything. :)

I'm so glad the night was a success and a great outreach to your neighbors. I just read Brandon's (our worship minister) blog a few minutes ago and he was questioning why we don't celebrate the opportunity that Halloween presents us. As he put it, how many times a year do we have people knocking on OUR DOORS?!

Glenave said...

Aww, Mike, I am so glad you love Dorothy. I do, too.