Sunday, November 18, 2007

So You've Seen Some Deer?

Several people have sent me this picture of this herd of deer under someones backyard trampoline. There is actually a series of several pictures of all these deer finding shade where they can. For several years I've been amazed at the number of people who report to me about all the deer they have seen in their neighborhood, at the ball field, crossing the road, standing in line at the store, or flying a fat guy in a sleigh around town. I suppose it's because they know how much I love bowhunting, and they are just trying to connect with me by talking about something that I'm interested in. But I don't think a lot of people really understand the point of bowhunting. It's not about "seeing" deer. I see plenty of deer. It's not as if they're buzzing me like flies, but I see some nearly every time I go hunting. If I were gun hunting, most of them would be well within range of a high powered rifle or even a shotgun, but I'm bowhunting for a reason. It's the challenge of getting close. I need my target (not the store) to be within thirty yards and preferably twenty (Donna would settle for a Target within fifteen minutes drive). Not only that, but I don't shoot every deer that walks within range. This year I started out the season intending to harvest (PC term for kill) a doe or two for our freezer, but then, well I saw a couple of the "Big Boys" in IL, where I've been hunting. So I've been holding out to get a chance at one of those big monster bucks I've seen. Just last week I had eight does within ten yards of my stand - all within easy bow range. They knew I wasn't interested in them. They were doing line dancing to an old Clint Black song right under my stand, just daring me to take a shot! They knew I was waiting for King Kong to walk out! They're mean animals I tell ya! So starting tomorrow, it's no mercy. I've got to get on with the business of putting some venison in our freezer, so those little cuties better be careful. I'm still looking for an IL buck with huge bone on his head, but it's time to show folks - yes, I've seen some deer too.

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