Monday, November 26, 2007

Number Five

As you can see in the above picture, I had better things to do last week besides blogging. This is our newest grandson, Curtis Michael, who was born around 7:00 P.M. last Wednesday evening. Elizabeth called us that morning telling us that the Dr. was sending her to the hospital. We threw stuff together and were on the road from Florissant by 11:30 and got the hospital by 5:00. Elizabeth looked really good when we saw her and, praise the Lord, had a fairly short labor. What a beautiful Day-Before-Thanksgiving gift. Chad, Elizabeth, Carter, and Ashlyn were all thrilled and excited. Nana and Papa were pretty excited too.
This is the next day, in Nana's lap, as Curtis discovers for the first time what a treat it's going to be to have Super Nana as a grand mom.

This is Curtis and Mom & Dad arriving home Friday morning. He was unimpressed with his reception committee.

Here is the whole NEW Milom clan in the basement of their home. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner Friday night that Nana made and it was soooo good. Who cares what day the world says Thanksgiving is supposed to be. We celebrate it 365 days a year!

Little miss moma couldn't get enough of her new little brother. She was so tickled to see a real, moving little baby doll. She soon began to realize that baby Curtis was going to require a lot of Mommy's attention and that will be a difficult adjustment for her to accept, but her excitement over Curtis will help offset that a lot - I'm sure. I'm glad that we got to be there for his arrival and help with the kids some. We are so thankful that God blessed us with another beautiful and healthy grand baby.


Rachel said...

YAY! Great pictures, Uncle Mike! I'm so glad you and Aunt Donna could be there for everything. Hope we can see you all soon!

Rachel said...

YAY! Great pictures, Uncle Mike! I'm so glad you and Aunt Donna could be there for everything. Hope we can see you all soon!

Curt & Inez Stubblefield said...

Hi Y'all:
From one Curtis to the Grandparents of the newest Curtis ... God is good to have given him a great home with wonderful parents, brother, sister and super grandparents!

Carol K said...

Now that was truly a day to be thankful for! Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Have you bought the camo and archery supplies yet?
What a wonderful family. God is so good to all of us. Best wishes, the Haughts

Anonymous said...

As soon as I got Donna's e-mail I went to Elizabeth's blog to see pictures! Curtis is beautiful!!! Nto only is he a blessing, but he is also blessed to have such a wonderful family.
I love you all!
Phyllis Russell

Deborah said...

Great pictures, Dad. I'm already in love with that little boy as much as the other two. It's almost as if he's been around forever.

You won't believe how much bigger he is already. Just think how different he will look at Christmas!

elizabeth said...

Well, isn't he just the cutest little boy ever! Oh, wait...he's mine! I guess I'm a little biased. Thanks for making the trip down here and for taking care of the big siblings. They loved their Nana and Papa time! And, I loved my Mom and Dad time, too.

I need copies of your pictures, got some great ones!

hr said...

Thanks for these photos. He is so cute and looks so much like a photo of Ashlyn we have on the fridge from when she was tiny. We can't wait to see him and everyone else!