Friday, May 18, 2007

Yes, Another Top Ten!

It's time for another Top Ten list. I don't care at all for Letterman, but I do like Top Ten lists. Since these have no particular value (i.e. 10 to #1) I'm just going to throw them out. If you are new to my blog, please understand that these are tongue-in-cheek, but then, if you don't know me, you probably won't be back anyway. Just for fun - or is it?

You know you're a liberal if...

1. You question the essentiality of a communion presider.

2. You wonder how the Catholics can "be so wrong" yet did a perfect job of picking which books belong in the Bible.

3. Some one yells - in shock - "they're saying Jesus was married" and you answer "So what?"

4. Your heart doesn't condemn you, but the line of those who do is getting longer.

5. You think God's plan is simple but man's is complicated.

6. God talks to you! You believe if Satan can put a thought in your heart, surely God can too.

7. There are times when there are more important things to do than go to church. (NEVER!)

8. You suspect our true beliefs about sin are more influenced by society and tradition than by what the Bible really says about it.

9. You wonder how murder, adultery, homosexuality, etc. can be forgiven, but misunderstanding the doctrine of baptism can't?

10. You believe God rewards those who seek Him even if they haven't found all the parts of the puzzle yet.

Remember, a Liberal is anyone who is less conservative than you are. It's a relative term. All your relatives are liberals!

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Kev said...

Do you REALLY believe that all of YOUR relatives are liberals? :)