Monday, May 28, 2007

The Lone Rose Bush

"Be still and know that I am God" These words crossed my mind this morning as I noticed our lone little rose bush out back. It blooms in spite of all my efforts to kill it through neglect. There used to be a row of bushes across the back part of the house, but they seemed to die within days of when we signed the mortgage papers on this house. This lone bush, however, blooms every year (we're in our third year here) and amazes me with how beautiful it can be in the midst of neglect and loneliness. It encourages me to see it. God's artistry can't be buried by mulch, mowing, and minimal yard care. It's a shot of color and beauty framed by the ordinary. It's an unselfish giver of happiness asking, not for attention, but only to do the will of it's Creator. I can't point to it and declare, "Look at what I've done," because it's not blooming through my care and cultivation. It's like God is saying, "Hey, Mike! Do you have any idea how much of my creation you don't notice? It's all good! Except for the only part made in My image." We are the only part of all creation that chooses to not function the way He created us to function. I must bloom for Him even when neglected and lonely. He's the Owner - the Great Gardener.

Yes, I got that from a rose bush. It's such a metaphor for so many things in life. We preacher-types tend to see lessons in things like rose bushes. Do you see any? (Forget the blooming idiot jokes!)

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