Monday, May 21, 2007

From Backyard to Backwoods

"Denny" came through the back yard yesterday, but he was in a hurry to fish, so it's a real action shot through the back window.

And here is Deborah's favorite critter, Mr. Muskrat, gathering grass while one of our baseball team players jogs past behind him.

And this guy is wondering who the nut is on the patio swing, keeping him from the big worms!

I finally had a chance to travel down to my hunting spot just outside of Sullivan, MO. and retrieve my stands from hunting season - which ended back in mid January. Danny Younger, my new hunting buddy and trainee, and I collected his ladder stand, from which he took his first deer this past year with bow and arrow, and then we hiked over to my stand to pick it up. Boy did things look totally different with all the foliage back. In fact, we came to my tree and my hang-on stand with Rapid Rail ladders was GONE! That's right! Someone took it! From private property no less! Even with a cable and lock on it! After kicking a couple of sticks around and wondering why things looked so different, I finally realized that we were standing at the wrong tree. Fifteen yards away was an identical tree, except it still had my deer stand attached to it. Oh well, so much for impressing my new hunting student with my wilderness skills. There's a lesson there somewhere. Let me think! Got it! You can quote me on this: Some times you just go to the wrong place! Profound aint it? I think it'll preach.


nashville Mouse lover said... seems that even really intelligent people are sometimes "wilderness challenged"...huh?

obviously you should have left a trail of arrows to lead you back to where you left your stuff!!!!

Chad said...

Sounds like it is time for a GPS!

Deborah said...

Thank you, once again for sending a shiver up my spine. Yes, the thought you had at the end WAS profound, but the shiver was caused by the visual of Mr. Muskrat. The St. Louis Cardinal and Denny were very nice, though. Whenever we come to visit in a couple weeks, I need to make sure that I'm not in the "wrong place"--nose to nose with your little rodent friend!

Kev said...

Wisdom from Chad: GARMIN

pat said...

thanks Dad. . . love cheking in with you. I also love your top ten's. I just finished writing an aricle on the Holy Spirit- would love to see a top 10 one day on "you know your a liberal if the Holy Spirit. . ." Anyway, I'm glad Deborah read your blog- it should make my life easier when I misplace stuff! I'll miss seeing you guys in a few weeks. Hang in there and may God continue to bless your voice.