Friday, May 11, 2007

My brother sent me this picture of the real cause of Global Warming.

Last Sunday I introduced my lesson by asking everyone to write down the five most important words in your life, and I specifically asked them not to focus on religious words just because we were "at church". I mentioned that our five words probably would change with every change of life. When I was a child, my five would have been recess, dessert, passed, Christmas, and P.E. As a teen the five would have been; girls, sports, blonds, basketball, and cheerleaders. (I couldn't multi-task as a teen) My five today are family, friends, love, memories and Jesus (and various forms of each).

So here's my TEN list for this week after that elaborate introduction. What Ten Words will "Make Your Day"? Here are mine - at least for this day and in no particular order.

1. COFFEE - who wants to start a day with anything else?

2. SHOWER - (see above)

3. MORE? - no explanation required

4. FREE!


6. DINNER - still my favorite call of the day - especially with my loved ones at the table.

7. AMEN! - I like the sound of agreement!

8. THANKS - It's nice to be appreciated!

9. HOME - There's still no place like it - Ozly enough!

10. FORGIVEN - Whether received or given it's grace in action and Jesus really living!


Chad said...

What about...."Cabellas"?


"Matthews 3.85 lb Drenalin bow with composite limbs, Realtree All Purpose Camo, Dampers, Roller Guard, Perimeter-weighted cam, string suppressors and parallel-limbs"?.....oh wait, thats more than one word isn't it?

Deborah said...

Man! Chad took my joke!