Thursday, May 31, 2007

Really Neat Places?

The other day I was thinking about writing a Top Ten list of all the places I'd like to see before Heaven. You know - a person has to plan vacations, so why not plan them around places you really want to see? I'd always prefer to see and be with family, but I'm a firm believer in vacations. I've said on many occasions that if I could do the "raising a family" thing all over again, one of the things I'd definitely do different is have more REAL family vacations (i.e. trips to fun and interesting places). That would mean a change in priorities - what we spent money on, but you know what? I cringe to think how much money went through our bank accounts over the years, and I can't even remember where most of it went - including what cars we had! But I do remember every special vacation we went on and those are also the things our family talks about when we reunite and stroll down memory lane. It's money well spent.

So - that all led me to wonder...maybe before I list the places I'd like to see before Heaven...I ought to think about the ones I've already seen. After all, heaven may be the next big trip! What are the places you've seen - just neat places - that you'd love to see again? After minimal thought, here is my Top Ten list - in no particular order.

1. The Flat Top Wilderness in Colorado - picture postcard view in every direction - even elk.

2. Hubbard, Tasmania - loved the town and the countryside - and the long ride into the harbor.

3. Speaking of harbors - Bar Harbour, Maine - just a neat place

4. St. John Island in the Virgin Islands - everything an island should be

5. Dunedin, New Zealand - beautiful Scottish influence and awesome countryside

6. Red River, NM - 9000 feet high, incredible one street town surrounded by the Rockies - great family vacations and memories

7. Alaska - all of it (includes one cruise and one hunting trip)

8. Bavarian Alps - especially area about Ludwig II castle that Disney copied.

9. Talon, Estonia - mostly the old town - real old European flavor - great walking

10. My vocal folds - could have said my colon or heart, but after 3 video trips into my voice - through the nose - and watching it work while I talk is an amazing place - now after the botox, I'm sure it's even prettier w/o wrinkles.

Any really neat places that you'd love to see again?


Deborah said...

Banff, Alberta, Canada. You and Mom HAVE to go sometime. It's just unbelievable. The elk there run all over the place and there are "Elk Crossing" signs on the side of the road. (They look like our "Deer Crossing" signs, only with ginormous antlers!) Do I have you wanting to go yet?

carol said...

I totally agree with your 20/20 hindsight vision on the value of family vacations! That quality time together spent in God's natural creation is, in my opinion, the closest thing to heaven this side of heaven! (As long as you understand that my version of "in nature" means a 3 bedroom condo in the woods somewhere!) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro,
Where's that picture of the throut stream with a watermill from? Sure looks like Babcock State Park in of my favorite places!
As we have dreamed many times, my ultimate is either New Zealand (Red Stag) or Africa (with a bow)!

Kevin said...

(That "anonymous" was Kev)