Monday, April 30, 2007

Springtime In the Woods

An early morning walk in the woods - seeking Tom Turkey - always has things of special beauty to see that I had forgotten about. Spring is so wonderful in the woods. It's full of new growth, bright flowers, lots of critters, and easy to see deer sign (for Fall planning purposes of course). I completely missed last Springs turkey season and this is the last week of MO's season, so I went out this morning and really enjoyed the walking, looking, turkey calling, and taking a few pictures. I had a nice little raccoon kitten all curled in a ball just five feet from me, at one point, and neither of the pictures were good. So, lavender flowers and Mr. Turtle get top billing.
Look close at his mouth. Mr. Turtle is chomping on Mr. Grub. Ouch! Or is it yummy?

Each of these nests had a huge crane in it - all "Denny's" I'm sure, but they really took issue with me being in their area so I took this from about a hundred yards away with one crane who returned in the lower left. I didn't realize they could make such noise, but they did. I wonder if they had eggs or chicks in their nests and were trying to keep me away. It worked. Of course it was across a river from me too.

This is as close as I got to Mr. Turkey and this is a full zoom on the camera. He's about 125 yards away and really full of himself. He headed for that far corner off behind him and I circled way around the left to head him off - but - he went right at the corner. Go figure. Wait 'til next time Mr. Turkey - ha, ha, ha......
The best part was that as I walked or stopped and viewed things, I kept thinking "Man this is awesome!" Then I remembered, "But heaven's gonna be better!"

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