Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yes, He's there and He cares!

I had a funny blog I was going to put together today, but my heart aches too much for all the students, teachers, and families of Virginia Tech to write anything lighthearted today. Another crazy, self-centered, gun carrying anti-social angry person destroying the lives of thirty-two people, most just kids in adult bodies, and leaving a scar that will forever mark a good school. I suspect we need to redefine the word "terrorist" to include community psycho's. And the news sharks are already focusing on who did what wrong and blaming everything from the police to the Virginia gun laws, and ignoring the simple fact that in an open society, there is very little we can do to protect ourselves from a determined suicidal maniac. We could put a guard at the front of every school, church building, and public event and all we be doing is guaranteeing that he'd be the first one shot. I am thankful for all the focus on prayer and the need to help those who are grieving. I've been encouraged to hear so many fellow students talk about the faith of their friends who were killed and to hear them so be so comfortable and confident about their place in heaven. May God comfort and strengthen them and help them to see how He will use this to cause thousands, maybe millions, to think more about eternity and the brevity of life.

Something else that disturbs me is the on-going debate about "you-know-who" and his racist remarks. After listening to so many comments and arguments about who's racist, who started it, who's responsible, and who's going to change things, I've been very frustrated waiting for someone to point out that THERE IS NO SOLUTION WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE AN AGREED UPON SET OF VALUES! Everyone talks around it because they're talking about what's socially acceptable. If they just listen to God, it would all be clear. It's never right to hate, show prejudice, be unkind, or degrade anyone in anyway - period! That takes it out of the realm of finger pointing and historical research immediately, but no one wants to point out that "God says" or "the Bible says" because that's not politically correct. Get ready America. The more we remove our God-given value system from our society, the more we are going to argue about what's right and wrong.

Did I mention that turkey season started this week?

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