Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Country Road" to Florissant

We were so blessed to have Kevin and Kathy with us this past weekend. Kathy is Donna's sister and Kevin, our brother-in-law, (dah!) has been my hunting buddy for over a couple of decades. They are wonderful people that we love a lot. Back in the days of our ministry in Fairfax, VA we were only five hours away from their WV home in Mannington and we used to get together several times a year for visits and vacations and HUNTING! Kev and I have gone to Colorado together to bowhunt for elk and mulies since 1986. There is no better hunting partner. He enjoys others successes more than his own and that takes a special person. Thanks for sharing Easter with us! I'm glad you got to be with our Florissant family too.

It you haven't eaten at Mel's in Hardin, IL, you have truly missed something special. It is really awesome food and huge portioins and choices - heaven right? I'm pumped because it's minutes from our new hunting spot. I smell ham and eggs already!

We took the Golden Eagle ferry back across the Mississippi River to "God's Country" but after Mel's, I have to say He's on both sides now. We had a great day seeing some wonderful IL country and enjoying wonderful friends (and relatives). God is so good!


Melanie said...

I'm so jealous. Mel's has THE best brisket!

elizabeth said...

Chad says..."Hey, wait a second...we haven't eaten at Mel's yet!"

I think we have something to add to the agenda for our next trip.

Glad you had fun together!

Donna said...

OK, Mel's is the next place we go out to eat when the Bills, Miloms, Roots, or any extension of the family/friends comes to visit. Yum-O - to borrow a phrase!

Kevin said...

Great Weekend...Thank you guys SO much!! Just what we needed! You have a wonderful church family whom you and Donner bless and from whom you receive many blessings. We could write a book about our adventures over the past 30 years but let's just keep making more! I really enjoyed your are such an ecourager!
Love ya Brother!

Rachel Cochran said...

That is such a good picture of Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kathy! So when do the rest of us get to see you guys??? :)

Sandee said...

I'm a bit late on responding to this post, but Mel's is the favorite destination for those of us in Florissant's motorcycle ministry! You gotta love that brisket! You and Donna should grab a Harley and join us!