Monday, April 16, 2007


Epiphany? What a weird word. Sounds like the name of some Mother Goose fairy or the south side of a north-bound "Epi". It's actually a word that deals with spiritual discovery or experience. Our walk with God is full of life changing moments and discoveries. An epiphany is the proverbial light bulb going on as our Father gets our attention and reveals something incredibly profound to us. In 1972 I had an amazing epiphany when a missionary from Greece, who was fluent in ancient Greek, pointed out that in the New Testament the word or concept of "worship" was never applied to the Christian assembly. (Yes, in 1972, Donna Sue was an epiphany for me too.)

For me, questions have been the greatest source of personal discovery. When I honestly asked the question "How can I get to know Jesus?" I started to move from religion to personal faith. About 8 to 10 years ago, the epiphany for me was "What is lacking in my life that is keeping me from really being like Jesus?" That caused me to seriously focus on humility, compassion, and thankfulness. Until we ask that question and deal with it honestly, we're playing church.

A couple weeks ago, while riding alone in my car, another question popped into my head (maybe placed by God is more accurate). It wasn't new. In fact it's an old old question that had probably been turned into a cliche for me and most people. What would I be without Jesus? Simple aint it? I've said it, sang it, preached it, and wrote it, but for the first time I applied it and it impacted me - surprised me, like I never would have imagined. What would I be without Jesus? The picture was striking, sad, and scary. I didn't like what I saw. I know what kind of person I would be if it weren't for Jesus. Selfish, uncontrolled, addicted to everything wrong, and angry with life. I could feel it - see it - and the thought of how much I would have missed in life brought tears to my eyes. All the wonderful family and friends I would have missed - all the people who have touched my life, and I theirs - all the stepping stones to a closer relationship with God - all the - the goodness and grace of God! To have missed that is the saddest thought I've ever had. With tight throat and wet cheeks, all I could say was "Thank you Jesus."

Then I thought, "What about those who don't know what they're missing?"

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