Monday, April 02, 2007

You may be a "Change Agent" if...

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but most everything else is constantly changing. And I'm glad - aren't you? Life would be boring if things never changed. This past weekend, our oldest daughter and our only son became another year older and our middle Root-kid moved to a new house. How can my kids get old when I stopped getting old several years ago? Change and denial usually go together! I am reminded of two very important things. First, how proud I am of my three "adult" and very spiritually mature kids, and secondly, how thankful I am for each of my kids-in-law. Chad, Pat, and Holly are amazing people who I love and respect more each year they are part of our family. It's difficult being far apart, but knowing all our kids, their spouses, and their kids are growing and maturing in Christ makes the time apart manageable. After all, eternity will be a long vacation.

As warned in the last blog, here are my ten picks for; You know you're a "Change Agent" if...
10. FHU will never appear on your speaking appointment resume.
9. You think Jeff Walling is "sound in the faith" as well as a good speaker.
8. You believe "the tie that binds" is not the TIE that binds.
7. You see clapping and raising hands as irrelevant issues in the Christian assembly.
6. You ignore the verse in the Bible about how many song leaders there can be at one time.
5. You confess to having read Spilt Grape Juice, Unbroken Bread, or Empty Baskets.
4. You wonder if "pattern theology" is just neo-legalism.
3. You believe the assembly is a giving opportunity and not about rituals, rites, or receiving.
2. You ask "When are we going to restore New Testament Christianity?" and people look at you like you are crazy.
1. You died on a Cross for the sins of the world.


Deborah said...

That's good, dad. I'm ready for ten more. Other than your number 1, I think I fit all those descriptions. Who's daughter am I?

Thanks for being here for my birthday--that was the best part for me. I love you.

Sherry said...

Okay, Like Deborah, all but number one I confess too. (or should I say Claim). When ever I get bogged down with the trival, or someone hits me over the head with the trival (You painted the nursery yellow!!! and took down the 20 year old construction paper signs!!) I go back to Jubilee so many years ago---"Keep Your Eyes Upon JEsus" that is all that matters, my how we have lost the Focus.

Curt Stubblefield said...

Oh man, it is amazing to me sometimes how the Spirit works. We have been discussing some of these exact things in assembly planning for the past several weeks. Numbers 8, 7, 6, 4, 3 and 2 are so on target. And your comment that change and denial generally go together is so true! We love you and Donna and know the Spirit is with you and working. Curt & Inez