Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where's The Ark?

We had a huge storm come through early this morning, just as I was getting up at 5:45, and at 6:30 I stepped out on our porch and noticed how "out of the banks" our little pond was. The above picture may not seem too unusual to you, especially if you haven't seen it at normal times, but there are weeds on the edge of the pond that are three feet tall, and they are under water. It's almost into our actual back yard property.

For family and friends, this picture probably show better how high the pond got. Notice how close it is to our neighbor's porch, which is a good bit closer to the pond than we are. Then look at the spill-way in the upper right, and the usually high embankment. Our oldest grand kids like to play in that area when they visit. At the time of this picture, it's several feet higher than normal. In fact, I've never seen it this high in our six and a half years of living here. It probably has been this high, but it was at night and we couldn't see it. I know it had to get up about this high to wash away the goose nest, eggs and all, that was just below our house back in the early Spring. This is really just a holding pond, but it's been here for around twenty-five years, so it has a lot of wildlife and fish in it, and has very little human interference. We've been entertained the last week by a momma duck with about eight little fluffy ducklings swimming behind her. Hope they made it through the flood.

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