Thursday, June 09, 2011

How Do You Know?

Do you know someone who isn't a Christian, who isn't a believer? What would you say if that person asked you, "Why do you believe in God?" Do you have some ready-made answers in your brain pocket to given them? Have you studied apologetics enough that you're ready and able to debate the existence of God? I have, but I'm not - ready or willing. I don't believe you ever change or win anything with an atheist, especially one who wants to argue their case. But what about that honest seeker who just wonders why you believe there is a God? What would you say? Have you even thought about it?
I am beginning a new series of lessons this coming Sunday on "The Reason I Believe" and the first lesson is "The Reason I Believe In God." I really didn't want to pull out my Christian evidence books and review all the scientific and logical arguments. I just want to answer it from my heart. Sure, part of what my heart says is based on some proofs and some logic, but it's a heart that has been seeking for over forty-five years. What's in it? Why do I know that God is there, involved, caring, listening, answering, and waiting? How do you know - or do you?
Take out some paper and a pen and write down your list. Not from someone elses book, but from the pages of your heart.
I'll share my reasons next week, after I present it to my church family on Sunday. Let's see if we match, or if you came up with something I should have.

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