Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here's What My Heart Tells Me

In the last blog I offered the challenge to list the reasons why you believe in God. This is a brief overview of what I presented Sunday.

I introduced the subject by talking about those who deny the reality of the Holocaust in the face of so much evidence. My two transition sentences were: "Because of what my heart tells me about the evidence I've heard and seen - I believe, and therefore know, there was a Holocaust. Because of what my heart tells me about the evidence I've heard and seen, I believe and therefore know, there is a God." My points are not as much about scientific and/or logical arguments as they are about what my heart tells me. Here are the top reasons I believe in God.

1. Because I can't ignore my heart! The reality of God is innate. We are born knowing there is a superior being who is in charge. Every culture in every era everywhere knows it. We are more than instincts and needs, we know we have a soul. The very fact that we have to work to reject that shows we are more than just the top of the food chain.
2. Because I can't ignore order, design, and beauty! Who or what, in all of creation cares besides us? We know there is a "who" behind such a clear sense of purpose for everything. That is what Paul was refering to in Romans 1:19-20. "He is clearly seen in the things he has made."
3. Because I can't ignore my inner spirit that says "there is more" to life and living! I have a moral consciousness - a sense of right or wrong - a sense of "ought" that is more than education. I know there is something more - to come!
4. Because I can't ignore the testimony of others past and present! People I love and respect. People wise and educated, who did not see knowledge as ego. People who drove our history. People who were called by God, obeyed, and gave their lives in service to God. They are either a testimony of reality or they are all crazy.
5. Because I can't ignore that "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." (Ps.139:14) More than design and spirit - a matter of "awe". Our bodies are more complex and amazing than any computer. Hundreds of systems performing thousands of tasks every second of every day. I also know it was never meant to last, and that's okay - there's more.
6. Because I hear God say "yes" when my heart asks him "Do you love me?" I know he does. He created me for relationship with him. He planned everything to make it happen. He paid the price and declared his love for me!
Conclusion: BUT what if I'm wrong? Have I really missed out on anything important? Love? Relationships? Quality of life? Character of heart?
BUT - if you ignore and reject God - what if you're wrong? You have to ignore your heart, the evidence, and your own common sense, just to feel better about your sinful living.
Didn't Jesus tell a story about a man who was surprised to wake up in torment?

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