Sunday, June 05, 2011

What a great cast & crew!

Tonight is the last night of this year's musical. It has really gone well and I am so proud of the job that every cast and crew member has done. This is the cast picture that our good friend Ben took for us last Wednesday after the dress rehearsal. Click on it and enlarge it if you want to see faces a little better. We've had excellent crowds each night, and like usual, we've gotten better each night. It has truly been a lot of fun. It's just so nice to have people walk out after the show and tell us how much they enjoyed it, but also how they "got" the lessons from each of the three parables we retell as westerns. And of course, it's wonderful to see some old friends who came to see the show. It has truly been a blessing in every way and makes all the hard work more than worth it.
We've got a lot of family visiting with us. Some of the grand kids have seen the show every night. This week I'm hoping we can relax and just spend some fun time together. I'll try do a blog on Tuesday, and it might even be about something other than the play.

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