Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Out of the mouth kids!"

After the Sunday morning assembly time, I came back into my office to put my Bible (and glasses) up, and found a red-smiley-face balloon in my chair. I could tell it had something rattling around in it, but I had no idea why it was there or what it was for, so I set it on my desk and rushed on to "meet & greet". At our Tuesday morning staff meeting, Donna told me it was from the 3rd an 4th grade Bible class, and the things inside it were messages to me. Well, it was Wednesday before I had a chance to slice it open and see what the messages were. Here they are - as they appeared on the tiny rolled up pieces of paper.
"Your the Preacher ever" w/ smiley face. I'm not sure if a word is missing or if it's a "styling" compliment, with a strong emphasis on "the". I still like it.
"thank you for teaching my parents about God - Sens they know about God they can tell me now." I love it that they are thinking about their parents.
"kind hearted, good Preacher, good singer, funny, cool, love u" You can't tell me that kids have no taste!
"funny, nice, cool, awesome, a good actor" I hope that last one is a reference to the play and not my preaching. Love it!
"You are awsomely awsome" Can it get any better than that?
"Pastor Mike: You are a wonderful man of God You have such a Gift from God." Wow! That is so encouraging and humbling because either this kiddo it way older than their years, or they have been hearing some wonderful things from their parents. Maybe both.
Thank you to the teachers who had their kids do this, and thank you to some great kids who made my day - maybe my week - hey, maybe my month!

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I love this!!