Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Purpose Driven Parenting

Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Church back in 1995 and followed it up with his best seller, The Purpose Driven Life. I guess you have to say that he coined the phrase Purpose Driven, but he certainly didn't originate the idea. Most of the best known New Testament passages, from "Take up your cross and follow me" to "Be faithful until death and I will give you a crown of life," are about being focused and committed in our faith. The truth is, we - both individuals and churches - have always been purpose driven. It's just that our purpose hasn't always been God's purpose.
The leadership at Florissant is very much committed to being driven by a clear purpose. I have been pushing and promoting our purpose for two years now. Beginning this Sunday I will be presenting our plan, our steps, for carrying out our purpose. I will share those on this blog at a later date.
With all my attention on the idea of being a purpose driven church family, I find myself realizing that everything that is important in life must be driven by a clear purpose or we will mess it up - get distracted - outright fail!
Doesn't every successful marriage have a clear purpose? We call it vows - remember? And what about parenting? Maybe the reason so many struggle with how, why, and when to discipline is because they don't know what the goal is! What's the win in parenting? A sweet child? An obedient child? A non-embarrassing child? A child that excels?
What should drive the focus and energy of all parenting? A child that loves and walks with God? Yes, but that will still be their decision. You will never be more than an example and an encourager. No, the goal/win of parental discipline must ultimately be self-control. The steps must come from asking yourself the question, "What must I do to help my child become a self-controlled adult?" Are you guiding them to better self-control or is your parenting style/approach contributing to their selfishness or your need for control?
That means you are working yourself out of a job - if you do it right. And when the time comes, you don't have to "let go", it's just time to go, because you raised them to know what they must do and they have the self-control to do it.


Anita Santiago said...

Wow! I really need that today! This gives me a new way of looking at my role as a parent. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Mike I found your books about a year ago and think you are a very good author. I also believe from listening to the sermons on your website that you send avery clear and Godly messgae to people. Thank you for that.

I am very bothered by the fact that you seem to really hold Rick Warren in such high regard. Do you really believe that Rick Warren sends the right message to people in his writings? Many of the biblical quotes he uses come from bibles that many of us in the "Church of Chirst" would never use on a daily basis. IN fact several of these bibles completely misquote the true meaning of scripture.

Just a question and please know that is is coming form my heart. Your Sunday messages are wonderful and your books are spot on. Thank you for the opportunity to follow you through your website and blog. God Bless you.