Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Real Men?

If you read my blog regularly, you have heard me mention the Men's Fraternity class several times. Next week we have the last of our twenty-four classes and before it all becomes history for me, I want to encourage you to look into having this class at your church. The class itself is entitled The Quest For Authentic Manhood, and it's taught by Robert Lewis, a Little Rock, Arkansas minister and author, who wrote Raising A Modern Day Knight. It is some of the best material for helping men be better husbands and fathers that I have ever seen. For me, it was informative, but mostly affirming, since I've been at it for so many years, and taught a lot of the same things. But he is incredibly focused and uncompromising in his approach and in his material. It's really good stuff! I wish every man could experience this class and get the clear sense of direction that Lewis gives. I especially recommend it for young men, even teens, but especially young married men and men with small children. It would truly bless them and their families like no other class or series of sermon could ever do. It gives such clarity of purpose and priorities, and offers some wonderful insight and suggestions on how to be real men, great husbands, and life-forming Dads. This is real life changing material that every church should offer, and insist that every man attend. The toughest part of the class is that it's set up for an early morning, one day a week so that it won't interfere with anything and can be done before going to work. A 5:30 A.M. class is truly tough for lots of young guys. It's and hour and a half long, so I think it could be done on a long Wednesday evening (7-8:30). It's worth whatever sacrifices and adjustments it may take. Women need to insist that their husbands attend because it will bless your marriage so dramatically. Lewis has a little Calvinism in one or two of the presentations, especially about original sin, but it's short and unimportant to the greater message.

Look into it. Lead it at your church. Call me if you want to know any more about it. Their web page is and the material is produced by LifeWay. You do have to purchase the program package (DVD's) and there is a small cost for each workbook. It would be an absolutely wonderful experience for a father to go to with his older teenage son(s). It covers all the things you know you're supposed to discuss with your son, but will probably forget.

In today's world, men need help being real men, and believe me, this is the ticket. It would be a great way to kick-off and build a Men's Ministry.

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