Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Feels Good...

Have you ever thought about the things that make you feel good? I'm not just talking about things that just physically feel good - okay - food, sex, and a good massage are a given, but those things that touch the heart-level-feel-good-spot. Some of the things that popped into my head are...
1. It feels good, after teaching or preaching, to hear someone say, "You made me think."
2. It feels good to let someone else go first.
3. It feels good to see honesty. I paid for my haircut Thursday, which always includes a good tip, and rushed out to my car to move on to the next event in my life. Before I could pull out, my barber came running out to stop me. I'd accidentally gaven him a fifty instead of a twenty for my haircut and he knew the tip wasn't that much. I'm not use to having a fifty in my wallet, so it also felt good to be able to put it back and give him the twenty.
4. It feels good to see people show respect for a funeral procession.
5. It feels good to go to sleep knowing my loved ones are safe, healthy, and walking with God.
6. It feels good to be in the woods in the Spring, surrounded by Dogwoods, and hear a turkey gobble.
7. It feels good to be able to turn the AC down and keep my blanket on my bed in warm weather.
8. It feels good to ignore things that use to really tempt me. (Not that I've arrived...)
9. It feels good to hear elders ask, "What do you think, Mike?"
10.It feels good to know that even with so many blessings, I'm okay with leaving it all to be with God for eternity.
EXTRA POINT: It feels good to know that this list could be A LOT longer if I had the time and space. How good is that?

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Deborah said...

It feels good to know that in just over a month, we'll get to see you...if Mom can wait that long!!