Thursday, April 23, 2009

Facts About Faith

If you read my last blog, here's a word to think about. FAITH. What is it? How would you define it? Is it the same as hope? Is it the mental acceptance of something? Is it a system of doctrinal conclusions (i.e. The Faith)? Is a conclusion that we reach valid if it doesn't effect us, change us, or drive us? I guess if it's just an educational fact, maybe there isn't much of a need to be "driven" by it, but what about value beliefs or spiritual conclusions? Do we really have a faith in God if we disregard Him, reject His values, and refuse to act like we will answer to Him?
Faith? Is it just believing in something we can't see, or does it include life forming conclusions that lead to life changes? It all depends on whether or not our faith is the God pleasing kind of faith.
If you're part of my Florissant family, you will hear this again - later, but I want to offer up what I "believe" to be the three most important Facts About Faith - a personal, God-pleasing kind of faith.
1) Faith is what you tell yourself about God (formation and reality)
2) Faith is the heartfelt decision to seek after God (draw close to Him and He promises to draw close to you)
3) Faith is the primary measurement of your relationship with God (or to put it in the negative, without a desire for a relationship with God, it really isn't faith)
On the theme of Being Real, these three Facts About Faith will help anyone determine if their faith is the real thing or just some kind of socio-religious acceptance mechanism. I want the real thing, don't you?

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