Friday, April 03, 2009

Friends Who Bless

I can't begin to guess how many times in my three & a half decades of preaching I've had the following conversation. Some one exiting the auditorium, shakes my hand and says, "Brother Mike, you stepped all over my toes this morning!" To which I respond, "Well, I've been stepping all over my toes all week, so it's nice to share it!'
I usually have my Sunday lesson ready on Wednesday. That gives Jerry time to make sure his songs match the topic I'm preaching on that week. When I think back on the many times in my younger years that I HAD (?) to put together a Saturday Night Special, I'm glad I've grown to where my lessons have a higher priority, and my self-discipline actually exists. I study on Tuesday and put together a very rough outline, and then I flesh it out Wednesday morning. I give a copy to Jerry and send a copy to the signing group so they can practice, and that gives me the rest of the week to mediate and pray about what I'm going to share in the lesson. Thus the "I've been stepping all over my toes all week" comment. I never preach or teach anything that I haven't grappled with and applied to myself.
One little sub-point in this Sunday's lesson deals with being thankful for the people in our life who brought out the best in us. I plan to ask the question, who's thankful for you and for how you brought out the best in them. We can't always know who we have influenced for good, but don't you want to know that you've helped somebody be a better person? I sure do. I'd like to think I've helped others want to grow, to stretch their faith, to use their gifts, and to seek a closer walk with Jesus. I hope there are people for whom that it true, but even more, I hope there aren't people who had to ignore me, get over me, or forgive me - to fine Jesus.
We must not be defined just by how much we are blessed, but by how much we bless others.
Who have you blessed lately?

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Anonymous said...

Making sure we are blessing others starts with letting our light shine, being the salt of the earth, and loving the brethren. Yes, others must see us imitating Jesus. Love you. Glenave