Monday, April 27, 2009

Blood, Building, & Basketball

Donna took this picture of me during our Blood drive last Monday. She had finished with her donation, but mine was taking a little longer. We try to donate every time they schedule a drive. The young girl on the cot behind me was a walk in from the community. She was a nice young girl in nursing school. It's great to have a way that our neighbors can come into our building and give.
This is another picture that Donna took on Tuesday as one of the two side stages for the play was being constructed. I just happened to be there to help hold a railing in place. The work was being done by Ken Fester, Ron Ebker, and Ken Teson. It's nice to have dependable works who will attempt to build all the things that my mind creates.

This is one shot of the visual illustration I used in yesterdays lesson. I bought the basketball goal and began using it last Sunday so we could talk about our purpose and plan as a church family. With Donna's help, I put the theme sign up on it Saturday: His Purpose, Our Plan. Last week I used basketball to illustrate the need to be purpose driven. The purpose of basketball is to get the ball through the basket. Yesterday I used it to illustrate the importance of having a plan to get the ball through the basket. I drafted some helpers to show a simple offensive play that hopefully results in a basket. Over the next three weeks I plan to use the goal/basketball to help me share our plan with the church family. Doesn't every church auditorium have a basketball goal on it's stage?
And yes, the goal will then be placed at the Root house for kids - big and small - to use. It adjusts down to eight feet, so we should be able to have some fun in the driveway the next time family comes to Florissant.


elizabeth said...

How fun!

Deborah said...

Woohoo!! THe boys will be SOOOO excited! I love the illustration.

Seeing the hard work on the stage makes me so anxious to see the play. The boys are certainly ready and are already talking about it.

Deborah said...

The first thing out of Joshua's mouth this morning was, "Do you think we should bring our own basketballs to Nana and Papa's house?"

How's that for "Good morning, Mommy"!!