Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 Dress Rehearsal

Last night's dress rehearsal was great.  We had a really really small crowd, so it was truly hard to judge audience response to things, but all the actors, songs, and tech stuff was super.  I can't wait to hear how a good audience responds to the lines, jokes, and songs.  Above, is right after we had our cast picture taken and we stayed in place to do a couple of warm-up songs.
The first BIG number as the senior angels welcome the "Newbies" to their angel class.
The Priests of Baal explaining why they're just "a product of their environment".
One of the songs with six of the eight senior angels and half the newbie class.
The Big closing song.  Hope you get a chance to come up and see one of the performances over the next four nights.  I am really thankful and happy with how well it has come together.  This is really the smallest cast we've had since our first musical seven years ago, but everyone does an awesome job.  "Break-a-leg!"

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