Saturday, June 02, 2012

Some Time With Family

While waiting in line for the tram at Grant's Farm, I took this iPhone picture of our youngest grandson Andrew.  What a happy baby for having two ear infections.  It was pretty cool, but not too bad until we got on the tram and the breeze was blowing pretty good.  Can you say, "BURRRRRR?"
The elephants totally captivated Daniel, so Nana had to help him get one last look at them.
This was all of us taking pictures of Caleb, who was a volunteer for one of the shows we went to.  All, except his mom whose head is hiding just the other side of Donna.  Deborah has a "thing" about mice and rats and she just couldn't bring herself to watch what was happening.
It was a race of rats between two teams.  One was the two boys, Caleb being the far one with the rat on his shoulder, and a team of girls to the right just off the picture.  Caleb's team won, but I'm not sure how much his mom saw of it.
The always impressive bald eagle.  It sure is nice having an easy to use camera/phone close at all times.  It's going to take some time to get use to it and remember I have it.  It was a great morning to be out at Grant's Farm with family.

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